The Importance of Oxygen in Gold Mining

The Importance of Oxygen in Gold Mining

The Importance of Oxygen in Gold Mining


The Importance of Oxygen in Gold Mining  The Importance of Oxygen in Gold Mining


Why is oxygen needed in gold mining? Mines use oxygen in a process called cyanide leaching. This process is used to extract gold from the ore. It uses pressure oxidation and cyanidation. Using oxygen increases recovery of gold and reduces the costs created by cyanide as well as reducing waste.


Increasing Gold Recovery

Using more dissolved oxygen in slurry intensifies the cyanidation process. Recovery rates can be expected to increase by a full percentage (at least) when the levels of dissolved oxygen are increased.


Improved Silver Recovery

As with gold recovery, so too can silver recovery be improved by increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen in the ore bearing slurry.


Lower Cyanide Costs

The process of cyanidation is dependent on the reaction of gold, cyanide, water and oxygen in the mined slurry.  More dissolved oxygen means less cyanide needed in this process and thus cyanide costs are reduced significantly.


Lower Waste Treatment Costs

Some of the generated oxygen can be used as an oxidizing agent in the treatment of mining wastewater. It can be passed through an ozone generator and then injected straight into the wastewater stream.  Also, by decreasing the use of cyanide, there is less to remove from the wastewater.



“  Skid-mounted or even fully containerized systems have been designed & developed for easy transportation, placement and maintenance on-site. Using a process of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), to separate oxygen directly from the air, our oxygen generators are the ideal “on-site” solution to the mining industries needs and requirements.”

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