Why Do Hospitals Use Oxygen Generators?

Why Do Hospitals Use Oxygen Generators?

Why Do Hospitals Use Oxygen Generators?


Why Do Hospitals Use Oxygen Generators?  Oxygen is a medical gas that is required in all hospitals, clinics healthcare facilities. It is used when patients are having problems breathing or when their lungs have become unable to inhale oxygen by themselves. It is also used for resuscitation.


These few reasons alone make having an on-site oxygen generator at a hospital a must-have.



Why Do Hospitals Use Oxygen Generators?It is imperative for a medical facility to have a timely response to an emergency or disaster situation. They must also have enough of the correct equipment to deal with the emergency. An on-site oxygen generator means that oxygen gas is immediately available for use. It can mean the difference between life and death.


Oxygen generators have their own back-up power sources. This means that they can keep running during loadshedding or power outages. This is also a great feature if the hospital is in a remote area where electricity is not readily available.


Oxygen generators produce the safest, medical grade oxygen at correct saturation and pressure levels ensuring the patient receives the best possible inhalation treatment.


A Few More Uses of Medical Oxygen


  • Medical oxygen is used for nearly all current anaesthetic techniques.
  • By improving the availability of oxygen, it is able to restore tissue oxygen tension for a number of conditions including shock, hemorrhage, CO2 poisoning, trauma, cardiac arrest and cyanosis.
  • A stated above, oxygen aids with resuscitation.
  • Oxygen provides life support for patients on ventilators.
  • Oxygen aids with cardiovascular stability.


Foxolution – Oxygen Generators


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