What Do I Need To Know About Using Oxygen At Home?

What Do I Need To Know About Using Oxygen At Home?

Oxygen at Home

If you suffer from low oxygen levels in your blood you may very well benefit from using a home oxygen generator. Low levels of oxygen in your blood are likely to make you feel tired a lot of the time – the added oxygen will help increase your energy levels. You will feel revitalized and able to go about your daily life with that much more ease.

Check in with your local general practitioner, get a full health evaluation and ask him/her to prescribe oxygen to improve your general wellbeing. It is important to get a doctor’s prescription so that the correct amount of oxygen can be dispensed to give you the maximum health benefits.

Oxygen Therapy at Home – Things to Know

Lung diseases can cause people to not get enough oxygen into their blood. This can lead to vital organs being damaged after a period of time due to being oxygen deprived. Home oxygen generators will ensure that a person with compromised lungs has oxygen readily available thus reducing damage to vital organs and making general life more pleasant and easier to cope with.

Once you have your home oxygen supply set up remember to go for regular medical checkups. The oxygen prescription must be checked annually. It is important not to change the oxygen flow yourself – a doctor will be able to assess any changes to your condition at your annual checkup and change the prescription as needed.

Oxygen cylinders come in various sizes.  Some are small and light enough to be easily transportable and can go with you when you need to leave the house.

Remember that oxygen can cause things to burn more fiercely. Keep your tanks away from open flames and extreme heat sources. Don’t smoke when your oxygen tank is turned on.

It might take a while to get used to having oxygen tanks and equipment in your home. You can feel a little self-conscious dragging all that equipment with you when you leave the house. However, these feelings don’t usually last long and you will become more confident over time.  The benefits of having oxygen on hand will soon outweigh any negatives.

Cigarette smoke is extremely damaging to the lungs.  If you have compromised lungs and are needing to use oxygen, the best thing is to give up smoking and try not to be around other smokers.

Keep active.  Physical exercise if very good for those people with lung disease.  Exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous – simple activities such as walking the dog, or even housework, will provide you with enough exercise.  You can also get advice on exercise from your doctor.

Don’t let having to take oxygen equipment with you stop you from going on trips! A little more planning might be needed but it’s important to continue to enjoy your life and not be inhibited by the equipment.  Make sure that there is oxygen available at your destination. You might need a letter from your healthcare professional stating that you are able to travel.

Plan for an emergency.  If there is a power outage you need to know what to do in terms of your oxygen supply.  You might need to install a backup battery system in your house.  If you are not needing oxygen urgently then you will most likely be fine until the power comes on again.  If you find you are in need of oxygen, call an ambulance.  The paramedics will be able to assist you.

Things to Note

Oxygen is not an addictive substance.

Home oxygen therapy will not weaken your lungs.

Only use oxygen for the amount of time prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.



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