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Aquaculture Systems West Africa – Fish need oxygen just as much as we do to survive, and low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water create an environment whereby the fish suffer from disease, stress and ultimately death. Fish farming, also referred to as Aquaculture, has been around since as early as 2000BC and with ever increasing demand, farming techniques are continually improving.

Dissolved oxygen is the primary area of concern in any aquaculture operation and by increasing and maintaining the dissolved oxygen content in the water at suitable levels, fish farms ultimately benefit from increased productivity and the ability to produce and manage a larger stock. Traditional aeration methods are not well suited to high density fish farming and this is where PSA technology comes to the fore. By extracting oxygen directly from the air at purities (93% +/- 3%) that meet the ISO/ANSI/ASTM Standards, Foxolution’s PSA Oxygen Generators and Oxygen Generating Systems are ideally suited to these applications which ultimately improve overall efficiency/productivity in the Aquaculture industry.



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