On-Site Gas Production for Mining West Africa

Supply of critical gas such as oxygen to remote sites, especially in the Mining Industry, is not an easy task. When production on a mine is interrupted by a ‘break’ in supply chain, the costs can be crippling. Being able to produce Oxygen on-site by way of a generator or cylinder filling plant (CFP) immediately eliminates production down time and in turn significantly increases profitability. Invest in a fully automated system and watch it pay itself off within months.

Low levels of dissolved oxygen slow the leaching rate and our systems greatly improve gold recovery by increasing the dissolved oxygen levels necessary during cyanidation. This leads to a more efficient process with higher gold yields.

Our Oxygen Generating Systems can be customized and tailored for your mining application. Skid-mounted or even fully containerized systems have been designed & developed for easy transportation, placement and maintenance on-site. Using a process of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), to separate oxygen directly from the air, our oxygen generators are the ideal “on-site” solution to the mining industries needs and requirements.


On-Site Gas Production for Mining West Africa

On-Site Gas Production for Mining South Africa


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