Onsite Oxygen Generator System

Onsite Oxygen Generator System

Since the 1960’s and the advent of the “heatless dryer” as patented by Skarstrom, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology has gained widespread commercial acceptance as the technology of choice for bulk gas separation.  It is a particularly cost-effective and energy-efficient technology – especially for the on-site manufacture of Oby means of an oxygen generator


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Gold Mining Application


“At OxyMat we specialise in equipment to separate the air using adsorption technology calle pressure swing adsorption to produce or oxygen or nitrogen. More than 2000 oxygen and nitrogen generators are located around the world. Oxygen is very often used in many industries. Nowadays widely used by gold processing as a once of important agent.


Lets take a closer look at the role of oxygen in the gold extraction from the gold ore.


The introduction of oxygen into the leaching process give following benefits:

Increase gold recovery – dissolved oxygen level of gold bearing slurry enhances the gold cyanidation process
Increase silver recovery
Decreases cyanide costs
Decreased waste treatment cost


Here we are standing in front of the oxygen generating line that is built to the deliver 10 tons of oxygen per day purity is up to 93% of oxygen. Delivery pressures to the customers vary from 4 to 5 bars up to 8 to 12 bars depending on the demand from the customer.


Each of our installations starts with the air compressors continues with the refrigeration drivers and and el air filtering up to the grade 0.01 micro meters. Our PSA systems for these applications is built into the frames which are the size of 15 feet or 20 feet containers which as a result very easy to handle during transport and freight to the customer.


Another advantage of the frame built PSA generators is that all the interconnecting wiring , manifolds and hose connections are already built at the OxyMat facilities which helps the customer at the installation because no further interconnections inside of the PSA systems are needed.


Our PSA lines built into the frames are made of high quality components which are designed to handle heavy duty environments including dust and high ambient temperature conditions.


Another feature of our PSA systems is that complete line can be remote controlled and monitored via, for example, PLC that can be delivered together with the system. This means that the PSA system can be started and stopped remotely including sequence starting from compressors going through the air dryers, PSA’s up to the boosters. All the parameters as well as the data logging of these parameters can be seen on the PLC that is normally delivered together with the system.


This PLC you can have in your office and enjoy your PSA system. We offer the oxygen generators for a gold mines in the six basic sizes to cover the capacity from three ton per days to the 30 to per days. The advantages of PSA technology that we offer is remarkable, for example:

Low energy consumption
Almost maintenance free operation
Self-sufficient – No longer have to rely on delivery from external suppliers (gas supplying companies)
Eliminate rental charges, transportation costs, evaporation losses and labour costs


We serve the world.”


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